Terms & Conditions


1.1 The User expressly agrees to indemnify the Company from being held responsible or liable for any damage, death, loss or injury, directly or
indirectly, consequential or otherwise arising from the Services rendered by the Company.

1.2 The Company undertakes to endeavour to take reasonable care in providing the Chauffeur Service.

1.3 The User hereby irrevocably indemnifies the Company, its directors, its employees against any claim which may be instituted against any one or
more of them by the user, his estate or successors in title arising out of or in connection with any negligent conduct of the Company, its directors
or employees. Such indemnification does not apply where the conduct of the Company, its directors or employees conduct themselves in a
reckless or intentional manner.

1.4 The User further irrevocably indemnifies the Company, its Directors and employees from any claim which may be instituted against one or more
of them by a further passenger who is transported together with the User and by the Company at the request of the User.

1.5 The User expressly acknowledges that the Service rendered by the Company will be for the User’s use only.

1.6 The Company does not guarantee the User against unforeseen eventualities or possible occurrences which will prevent the Company from
fulfilling its obligations. The User hereby waives his right to claim compensation of whatsoever kind in respect of such occurrence.

1.7 The User undertakes to provide his full co-operation, despite possible intoxication, in order to facilitate the Company in providing its service.

1.8 Further to the above the User expressly consents to a company representative driving the User’s motor vehicle for the purpose of the Service.
The User further warrants that the appropriate insurance cover in respect of the User’s motor vehicle extends to alternate drivers and alternate
drivers under the age of twenty-five (25) driving the User’s motor vehicle.