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Q.How do I download the Passenger APP?
(This is for clients who have their own vehicle for Nite Owls to chauffeur you home in)

A. Download the Nite Owls PASSENGER App to your cell phone from Android play / Istore by typing NiteOwls Passenger in the search and download, or simply go to the Nite Owls website Tap on the relevant Icon which will take you direct to the Nite Owls Passenger App. (Please note there is a Drivers App for Nite Owls staff only)

Q.What do I do after I have downloaded the Passenger App?

A.Now that you have downloaded the Passenger App, registration is required by entering a few details. Follow prompts on app. Please note when it comes to your email address, have your password on hand, this is your personal password that you have created to log into your email address; we do not have access to your password.

Q.Now that I have completed the registration am I able to use the Nite Owls Passenger App? Is my App live?

A. You can now log into your Nite Owls App. Your App is ready

App Operation

Q.How do I request a Nite Owls service from the App?

A. By tapping on the NiteOwl Passenger logo on your cell phone the App will open to the main page of the Nite Owls Passenger App. Please ensure you have data or Wi-Fi available and your GPS is on.

  • The nearest Nite Owls team will appear on the screen as well as the ETA of the nearest Nite Owls Team. Your location will appear in the top centre of your App. (PICK UP LOCATION).
  • The bottom right corner will display a "Ride Now" Icon. If you are looking for the next available Nite Owl tap "Ride Now"
  • Tap "ADD DESTINATION" (on top of screen), followed by "SEARCH PLACE" and add the address of your destination.
  • Then tap on "ADD DESTINATION"
  • If you would like fare estimation, tap "Fair Estimate" now
  • Tap on "REQUEST PICK UP LOCATION". The app will require confirmation of credit card details, please confirm
  • Tap "REQUEST PICKUP LOCATION" at the bottom of your screen.
  • The request will ping the nearest Nite Owl who will accept and make their way to your location.
  • If you are not sure of your destination address simply tap "RIDE NOW" tap "REQUEST PICKUP LOCATION" tap "CONFIRM" on your payment details, tap "REQUEST PICKUP LOCATION" this will ping your closest Nite Owl who will accept and make their way to your location.

Once requested, your driver details will appear on your app…Driver rating/ Recognition

At the bottom of your App a display of your Nite Owl Team will appear…
Vehicle details

The App will also allow for you to contact your Nite Owls by sliding up the screen and tapping on contact.

Q. How do I get a fair estimate?

A. Request a Nite Owl service as above, go to "fair estimate" if you wish to continue with your booking, once fair estimate received, continue as above, if not, cancel your application.

Q.What happens when my Nite Owls arrives?

A. On arrival your Nite Owls will call you and let you know they have arrived.

Your App will also indicate that your Nite Owls has arrived.

Your Nite Owl will begin the trip when you have arrived at your vehicle and are ready to depart to your destination.

Your App will indicate that your chauffeur has started the trip.

Once the trip has been completed a visual invoice will appear on your screen with a breakdown of cost. Please rate your experience with Nite Owls at the end of your journey

Advanced Bookings

Q. How do I make an advance booking?

A. Go onto your Nite owl passenger app.

  • Tap "Ride LATER" in the bottom left hand corner of your APP
  • Choose your date and time – tap on date or time in order to change and input your requirements and confirm
  • Tap on "ADD DESTINATION" on the top of your screen
  • Tap "SEARCH PLACE" and add destination address
  • Tap on "ADD LOCATION" at the bottom of the screen and input your pick up location
  • Tap "CONFIRM" on your payment confirmation(the credit card details used on registration)
  • Tap "CONFIRM BOOKING" on bottom of screen
  • "Your ride is successfully booked" will appear on you screen. Tap on "OK"


In order to check if your ride later booking has been confirmed, and a driver allocated by the call centre, check on the index on your app. Tap on the 3 lines on the top left of your App, where you will be able to check if your booking has gone from pending to confirmed ((Assign). The index will open. Go to "MY BOOKINGS", the details of your requested ride later booking will appear. Advance bookings are confirmed by the contact centre when the Status has changed from PENDING to "ASIGN" This should be within requesting your advance booking. If you have not received a change in status please call the contact centre on 067 000 2738 they will assist.

Operating times of the app

NiteOwls do offer a 24hr service however, to request a driver now will only be available from 6pm Mon-Sat. Outside of theses times and Sundays, please make use of the advance booking option.


Q.Can I cancel my requested Nite Owl service?

A. Advanced bookings may be cancelled UP TO 60 MINS PRIOR TO COLLECTION TIME. Full fee applies if the collection is cancelled within less than 60mins of your collection time.

Ride now request may not be cancelled. Once you have requested your NiteOwls Team and your team has accepted your request the team has left for your collection. The Ride Now request if cancelled, the full fee will be billed for or debited from your credit card.


Ride now collections are those which have not been booked in advance, where the client has requested a Nite Owls via the App in real time, on request by the client a Nite Owl Team will accept the collection and proceed to the client"s location. The client, when making a request will be able to see the Nite Owls location and ETA which will be displayed on the clients APP. 'Once the Nite Owls Team has accepted the request by the client for collection the collection cannot be cancelled and the full fare will be charged.

In the event that the Nite Owls Team arrives at the client"s location and the client has left the client will be liable for the full fee. The Nite Owls Team will always call the client on arrival. The team will make 3 attempts to call the client. If the client does not answer after 10 min and 3 attempts of calling the team will assume the client has left and will depart for their next collection. In this case the full will fare apply. The app will automatically charge.

NiteOwls App Rates

Min call out R144 which includes the first 10km of the trip.
Thereafter R12 p/km plus R1 p/min travelling time.
Waiting fee R50 per 15 min (first 10mins wafting not charged).
The Nite Owls team will wait when possible. Min waiting time 10 min.

Please note that these rates will not be applicable on the 31st December and the 1st January.


The Nite Owl Team