How it works

How It Works?

  1. Download the Niteowl app onto your Smart Phone from IStore/Play Store/ WebPage.
  2. Register as a rider

How to request a team to drive you home in your own vehicle?

  1. Make sure your gps is active on your Smart Phone.
  2. Click on your Nite Owls Icon.
  3. Tap on 'Ride Now' at the bottom right corner. If your require an estimate prior collection tap 'Fair Estimate'
  4. Tap on 'Request Pickup'
  5. Confirm card charge
  6. Tap 'Request Pickup'
  7. Your team has accepted your request and is now on their way. An ETA, drivers position as well as driver details will appear on your screen
  8. Your credit card will automatically be debited at the end of your trip. A message will be sent to your Smart Phone as well as an Invoice emailed with details. All payments are secure through ‘Pay Gate.’