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App live in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Pretoria and KZN

Coming soon - testing in Bloemfontein, Knysna and East London

Save up to 40 % by simply Using the Nite Owls App

Click on Apple or Android image below to register

App available from 18h30, please make a booking by tapping 'Ride Later' if you wish to use the App outside these hours. Avoid disappointment by booking your team early especially in season / peak times by tapping 'Ride Later' and booking your Nite Owls.

Tap, Ride, Tap – That is all there is to it

Nite Owls is proud to introduce the first fully operational designated driver  service Application in South Africa. The application offers   clients the convenience of using a Nite Owls by simply downloading the app. Clients using the Nite Owls app are automatically entitled to  a drastically reduced rate of up to 40 % off our standard rates on each and every Nite Owls requested

Requesting a Nite Owls is simple, Tap, Ride, Tap.

All you need is  your smart phone and three little taps. Tap and look for your ride, Tap and book your ride and Tap and complete your ride. Your tap brings the driver to you. No hassles of direction giving as your driver knows exactly where you want to go. Payment completed via your credit card. Just sit back and enjoy A Nite Owls drive you home in the comfort of your own  vehicle.

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Nite Owls is the first Dedicated Driver Service that offers an Application in both Android and Ios.
By using the App you are entitled to a discounted rate of up to 40% off our standard rate.
The App allows clients to request, follow, rate, pay even estimate fare cost all on your handset by three quick taps.
No memberships required.
No waiting around.
No advanced bookings required.
Easy secure payments via PayGate
All drivers have been tested, trained and verified to insure the very best of drivers.